Credit Card Processing for your Business

Credit Card Processing for your Business

We are a full service insurance company serving Maryland , Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida.

Fuller & Associates Insurance has partnered with a payment processing company for all of our client’s credit card processing needs. See how they can help you with the latest payment technology with amazing rates

Are you using best practices to ensure low credit card rates? Do you know....


1)    How you process credit cards can change the fee structure significantly?

2)    How you are set up with your provider can affect the fees you pay significantly.

3)    Being trained on best practices for you and your staff on processing can save you thousands annually? 

4)    If you are using the square or Pay Pal or other method and have sales over $1000 a month , you can save significantly on processing fees. 

5)   If you are utilizing a bank for processing then the company we work with may be the company that your bank uses. Eliminate your middle man and save on fees.

6)   Representatives will review your account free of charge . 

7)   Think you are locked into a contract for 3 years? In Maryland legislation was passed that credit card processors can not issue lock in contracts that exceed 1 year. Let us review your contract.

Auditing of merchant accounts is a service we provide. 

Your staff that process the credit card payments can change from time to time and best practices may be forgotten or not passed along to the new employee, as a result there could be an increase is transaction costs.  

Our audit is a no cost method to double check and ensure best practices are being performed and maintained. 

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