Check out these easy ways to save

Check out these easy ways to save

November 18, 2021

Little tricks we know that you may not. 

  • AutoPay — Everyone likes steady money. Insurance companies are no exception, and they give discounts for automatic monthly payments.
  • Up Front — Same principle as autopay, except this is an even better discount if you have the cash to pay the price of the policy in one upfront payment. Most carriers will take a credit card also. 
  • Multi-Policy — This is the big one. Combine home and auto for the biggest discounts of all. If you’ve got both, switch them to one carrier and do your wallet a favor.

These simple little tricks can help you obtain 5, 10, even 15 percent off of your total policy premium.

But there are more tips. Contact us so we can use them all to get you the best rate. 

Enjoy the savings, and best of luck in this wild economy!